Tarot Workshops

My one day Tarot workshops are a way of providing people with an intensive experience and understanding of a particular  aspect of Tarot and have grown and changed as I have.  I learn from them as much as others learn from me and I think my students will agree that my workshops are a shared experience that we all benefit from. Past one day or half day Tarot workshops have included Court Cards, Journey of the Fool, Meeting the Archetypes, Shadows in the Tarot, Goddess in the Tarot, Astrology in the Tarot, Qabalah and Tarot, Minor Arcana and the elements, Symbolism in Tarot, How to do a Tarot Reading, Learning about Spreads and History of Tarot and One Day Workshops for Beginners

Tarot Workshops in 2017 

One Day Advanced Workshops

Myth and the Archetypal Narrative in Tarot: Saturday 22nd July

This promises to be a day of stories: What is the myth you are living and how relevant is that to your tarot reading practise? How to understand myths other people live by? What are the archetypal myths that are in our collective unconscious and how do they affect us? This is a day of mythmaking and creating, of imagination and knowledge and of an exploration into the deeper meanings, interpretations of the narrative that is a tarot reading

One Day Beginners Workshop: At Treadwells in London on 11th November

This is a day of introduction and immersion into the world of Tarot. You will be invited to explore a multitude of different decks, jump into an engagement with image and how to interpret with each other and in groups. There will be plenty of information, practise and engagement – above all, it is inspiring and fun and is highly likely to motivate your tarot interest!


Testimonials of previous workshops 

‘Just to meant to write sooner to say many thanks for the workshop on Saturday.  I loved the Shadows ..and thought the exercise of transforming a shadow card into a representation of something positive was really cool!  SAnd I’ve spent the week each evening working on the Swords.  It’s been really helpful to think about the Sword moments in my own life – it just aids reflection and self-development.  Can’t wait to take my cards and books away on holiday with me!’  Claire, Rochester

‘Did not want any more time to pass before thanking you for our marvelous Minor Arcana workshop.  In spite of never having any experience with the tarot, you made it possible through Sacred Theatre, dynamic explanations and a lot of fun, for me to fully understand and start using the Tarot’s Minor Arcana right away.  What a wonderful experience I’ve had during this magical weekend. Thank you so very much!!’ Magdalena

‘I‘ve just spent another great weekend at St Annes in Glastonbury. This time with Suzanne Corbie tarot reader. She was a warm energetic lady with incredible knowledge and insight about the tarot. We spent two days learning about the history of the tarot and the meanings of tarot from traditional , astrological and Qabalistic viewpoints. We also created sacred theatre in the yurt which took us all deep into the experience of the four elements and spent much time working in small groups on card spreads and interpretations. Not only was she a pleasure to learn from and work with , she was also very generous with the information packs and CD she left us with. Anyone interested in the tarot, experienced or not, would treasure this workshop.’ Sarah

‘I participated in Suzanne Corbie’s Sacred Theatre, I managed to land the role of The Fool – That was fantastic, a really moving experience, So, there you are – I LOVED IT …So once again, Thank You .’ Dances with bears on the mystic arts forum

‘I just wanted to drop you a note to say how wonderful the last workshop was.I really felt that I had gained so much and as usual completely inspired when I left.’ Andrea

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