Tarot Workshop CD

Tarot Workshop CD by Paradise Music

Providing you with an opportunity to become familiar with the images on the cards while listening to their meaning and exercises to help you learn how to begin to understand their use.

I jumped at the chance to record a Tarot Workshop CD with Paradise Music. Llewellyn and Juliana are not only incredibly talented artists themselves but happen to be two of the kindest and most honest people I have come across – a sheer pleasure to work with!

In teaching tarot, I regularly came across beginners who gave up learning the tarot because they would forget the meaning of the card in the book.  Sometimes, books are incredibly helpful and just sometimes, they can be a hindrance – it depends how much you depend on them!  The tarot workshop CD gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the images on the cards while listening to their meaning as well as providing plenty of exercises to help you learn how to begin to understand their meaning and use. And the exercises are fun – who said learning had to be dull?

They are not meant to replace serious study and they won’t make you an instant tarot reader, but everyone has to start somewhere and this is as good a place as any – so have fun and I hope it stimulates your interest into what became for me, a lifelong passion for the subject.

Reviews for Tarot Workshop CD

This is a great set to help yourself learn how to use the tarot, or to work together with your friends in a group…

5 Stars Examiner.com Review by Kerry Conner


June 2012: ‘This was a real eye opener. I have read 5 or so books on Tarot and plus I seem to have a natural intuition with it anyway. I have not read all that may times but I have hit about 98% correct on things I have found to the ones I have read. Some I knew, some I knew a slight bit and some not at all. They all said the reading was very accurate. That said I knew I still had a lot to learn and with my busy life the cd’s I felt would be the answer. WOW! Not one book had every said to become the card, to be one inside it! That right there was a knockout punch! Wow how that really put a different spin on the meaning or possible meaning of the card. The way your broke down the minor arcana was absolute brilliance! Never have I looked at 78 cards in such an organized way. Very enlightening indeed! THANK YOU!!’ Peter Lucibell, London

May 07 : Hi Suzanne

Just wanted to say that I think your Tarot CD is fab!!

I’ve had various packs of tarot cards for the last 5 years or so and whilst I’ve used them, all my interpretation of them has come purely from looking up their meaning in various books.  I’ve never really got to know them.

I’ve now put to one side my “prettier” cards – which are beautiful but somewhat useless in actual readings (!) and am using a set which are much more practical with lots of the original images and symbolism as described on your cd, and its amazing.  Now I think I’m finally beginning to understand what its all about!!!

I’m concentrating on one card a day (working my way through the major arcana first) and just doing exactly what you suggested in the cd.  I really immerse myself in the card, I become that card, and then I write down how I feel and what it means to me… and BINGO!  Most of the time the books agree with me!!!  If they give slightly different meanings then I still stick with mine because I now feel what that card means for me so strongly that I know my interpretation is exactly right for me.  And because I’ve experienced this card so deeply I know that I’ll never forget its meaning when I see it appear in a reading.

Sorry for waffling, you’ve obviously known all this for years!  But I’m really excited by it and can’t wait to meet my next card!

So your cd gets a big “thumbs up” from me (and I’m not just saying that to be polite).  It’s taught me something that all my books never did!  I’m sure it will be a huge success.

Best wishes