Tarot Readings

IMG_2126The ancient art of Tarot contains a wealth of symbolism and has been used for many years to develop awareness and understanding but it is more commonly used to give clarity and understanding to the various challenges that life brings us and an experienced reader will be able to give guidance and understanding on the issues surrounding you in a sympathetic way.

A traditional tarot reading will not just focus on the future, but more importantly, why you are where you are and how you can go forward in a positive way. It is also helpful to look at negative or positive influences that surround you as well as seeing what it is you really need out of life at the time of the reading. The wisdom of the tarot can bring profound clarity and transformation to a situation or issue. All readings are completely confidential.

A word of advice: if you are looking for someone to tell you when you will win the lottery, if your partner will love you forever, or just tell your future – I am not the right reader for you. Whilst we may look at where you are heading, my focus is in where you are now and how to get you to where you need to be. And you know, if we could actually predict lottery winnings, I think you might have heard about it!

It is important that everyone coming to me for a reading knows that they must accept responsibility for the decisions they make in their lives and not expect me to make such decisions for them. I cannot tell you whether to take job (a) or job (b), or whether to stay with one person or leave to go with another – these decisions are yours – you shape your life, not me. But I can offer guidance on what challenges and gifts may be found on either path; this can help you come to the best decision for you.

Tarot at Treadwells

I am honoured to be reading Tarot at Treadwells,  33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS on Wednesdays only , so if you would like a reading, do drop in on the off chance or better still, call to make sure I am available. To book a reading: call Treadwells on: 020 7 419 8507 or email them at: info@treadwells-london.com Their charges are £40 for half hour and £70 for an hour.

Tarot Readings anywhere in the world!

I can also offer Tarot Readings by phone, facetime, email or skype: By appointment. £60 per hour/£35 half hour, payable by cheque, bacs or paypal

I am also able to give private one to one readings in Whitstable, Kent. Please email me to book.



Reading Length

Testimonials: One lady in particular mentioned in passing that it was the best half an hour she had ever invested in, and that the insights which came out of the reading would probably ‘change her life’! Marcy Dorffman at Oxon Hoath Retreat. (I feel quite humbled when I read such testimonials. Most of the time, I focus on accuracy, insight and understanding and hope amongst all that something will take root. when I hear a testimonial like this, I feel quite small in the scheme of things – Suzanne) 

I want to thank you for all your care and attention. You put your heart in your work and you mean well. It transpires love and encouragement. I am very pleased to have met you. – Nuria

Just a quick message to let you know just how spot on you were, I’ve just been offered a role today for a contract. I found the role the SECOND DAY and was offered the role today. You’re amazing see you soon. – Jacqueline

Just wanted to say thanks for your time and patience with my reading yesterday. Already I feel calmer, more in control of the situation – thank you. – Lynn

Thank you so much for an insightful and helpful reading. You must have a deep healing effect on people that has nothing to do with exactly what you’re telling them. I am feeling your reading on a very deep level and process what ever that special energy is. – Elizabeth

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you did for me on Tuesday. I feel that there has been an enormous and profound shift now. I know that the universe sent me to you for a reason. I have already started to do the things you said and feel so lifted. – Gill

I’m so grateful for the insight you’ve been able to give me about my life… Thanks again Suzanne! – Anthony

Also, I wanted to thank you very much for doing my tarot card reading, it was very interesting… I found some of the things that you said very interesting and very true… Jen

Thanks for the reading on Wednesday, you were very accurate. I kept thinking you must know more about me, but I think you are just very gifted! – Glen

“Suzanne has a very special talent. Her ability to give me insight into my path was completly different from other readings I have had over the years. Through her reading I have moved on spiritually to another level. What’s more I could not stop grinning when I left as it all felt so right. The reading was not eintirely positive but I felt I knew the best way forward for me which is a very special experience.” Sarah

Thank you so much for the reading last night Suzanne – it was illuminating really and has given me loads to think about, as if I needed more to think about! As you mentioned, it is very interesting how the cards can bring to your attention issues that perhaps you were choosing to ignore or maybe didn’t even realise were an issue – Joanne

‘Suzanne thank you so much for today, I have a huge smile on my face and a rather large spring in my step!You were so wonderful and made me feel so welcome, I feel like you know me more than anyone right now!’ Roz