One Year Mentor Programme

NB: Please note that I have no spaces on this programme at the current time. The next opening is January 2018.

I’ve developed this one year mentoring programme from my years of teaching to support students both learning the tarot and developing their skills. For some it has been a year to become a professional reader, with help developing a website a pr strategy and learning how to do a variety of different readings including phone, email, skype and tv.

This will  suit students who are beginners or wish to continue with their studies, practising readings for others and be able to  continue to receive feedback and guidance on their progress.  This programme lasts one year, during which time, you will be encouraged to undertake email, phone and one to one readings as well as exploring new spreads to gain greater understanding. Some students elect to use this year to pursue a deeper understanding of the cards exploring themes within the qabalah, hermetics, alchemy , the divine feminine, astrology and the tarot and counselling skills.

Students can use this one year mentorship to progress their studies from a foundation course to an intermediate one, leaving a month in between sessions to practise the exercises given to demonstrate the theory. The modules are:

  • Module One: Ethics, Dialogue, Reversals, Pairs and Patternsstar

What is a tarot reading, Tarot ethics, Code of Ethics, disclaimers and professional considerations

Reversed cards, Patterns, pairs, supporting, counteracting, dignities, themes and anomalies

  • Module Two: Symbols, Myths and Archetypes

Symbols in dreams, meditations, active imagination, readings and everyday life

Understanding archetypes and the relevance of myth

  • Module Three:  The Use of Spreads

Using different spreads to gain different insight and learning a variety of approaches to readings in any given layouts

How to create your own spread                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       One student’s creative interpretation of the Star

  • Module Four: Astrology

Planets, zodiac signs, influence of planets on zodiac

Predictions and timings

Family, friends and other constellation spreads

  • Module Five: Creativity

Tarot dreamboards, mandalas, music, art and creative writing

  • Module Six: Qabalah

Spheres, paths, Hebrew letters, intelligences, correspondences and ways to integrate and understand the knowledge

  • Module Seven:  Depth Psychology, psychological healing and shadow awareness

Tarot as a therapeutic tool

  •   Module Eight: History and Symbolic meanin 

Tarot’s historical perspective and evolutionary changes to meaning and the symbolic contained within

  • The final four modules will be created from the student’s wishes and needs.

wheel by hannah

A creative Wheel of Fortune by my student Hannah

Feedback is given on all work, including anything you decide to do by yourself as well as additional  exercises to help strengthen areas of difficulty. This is an opportunity for you to read for people you have never met and to receive honest feedback on your reading and guidance for your future development over the course of a whole year. this course suits foreign students as it can be undertaken from abroad or local students who prefer to have a 121 feedback each month. This is a certificated course.

A creative study  on the Star by my intermediate student, Gillian 

Cost for one year: £400


‘I have been studying tarot at Suzanne Corbie for about a year  and  this was one of the best decisions in my life’ Lesley 2013

I have to say I have never met a more professional and devoted teacher. Not only is she an outstanding and life long studying tarot reader with the richest spiritual background, but also a highly gifted teacher. What I especially like is, that she makes clear, that she is also on her own way and still learning herself. Also, dealing with someone, who has such a professional approach is just impressive – she is always available, supportive, clear in  structure and  warmhearted, which makes working with her a real pleasure!Thanks to Suzanne in only a few months I have made a lot of progress studying the tarot cards – the material she gives me to study the tarot is outstanding!’

Elisabeth from Vienna, Austria 2012