Sacred Dance

Dance has been used since ancient times as an expression of the deepest aspects of life and the connection with the Divine. In tribal societies dance is a natural means of communication, expressing joy, sadness, love and hate. It celebrates all the meaningful stages of life and rites of passage. Sacred dance forms part of a religious or mystic ritual, allowing the participant to express their innermost being with movement and releasing the soul to express itself through the body.

The phenomenon of sacred dance is has become more popular in the West in recent years and frequently tends to be performed by women as an expression of their spirituality.

( a sacred dance to the Goddess Hathor at Denderah in Egypt)

Altered Consciousness

Some dances, such as trance or zar can help the dancer to attain a higher spiritual state of consciousness.Dance can be used as a language to reunite the body, soul, and mind. It acts as a catalyst for spiritual growth and change through integrating mind, body, and spirit. Sacred dance honours the body’s wisdom. Many cultures use dancing as a way of entering a trance state and it is possible that dance was the first religious practice.

Divine ConIMG_1586nection

Some schools of thought believe that when a sacred dance is properly performed, the divine entities of God and the celestial beings being portrayed manifest through the dancer. Through practice of standard dance forms, sacred dancers can awaken their spirituality and dance their way to divine consciousness.

Dance for Healing

Sacred dance has been performed as an offering for world healing in a number of cultures. It is also used for individual healing. The exchange of energy in a dance can facilitate healing and dance is also a way of healing our relationship to ourselves and to nature. In performing sacred dance, you can connect with the energy points in your body. The life forces within you are set in motion in sacred patterns, leading to healing and spiritual awakening.


Saturday 17th May , 2014 : 8pm to 10 pm:  Oxon Hoath Country House

In this workshop we will explore how to unite and honour the divine feminine within us all through three dances; the dance of the self that is entirely intuitive and freestyle, expressing the wonder and gratitude of the life we have created for ourselves; the dance of relationships where, in pairs, we mirror each other’s moves to represent the alchemy that comes from offering and receiving love, inspiration and wisdom from our relationships; and the circle dance of connection that is choreographed and represents our connection to our families, wider circle, community and global intentions.

Saturday 29th November, 2014: 8pm to 10 pm Oxon Hoath Country House

The dance of life performed so incredibly successfully in May will take place again in November by popular request. In May, this workshop was a sacred gathering of women who wanted to connect with their spiritual purpose and found through these three engaging dances, a deeper meaning and value in their own lives, a connection with the feminine and a celebration of life itself – we all were grateful  and delighted with the experience.

In the beautiful country estate of Oxon Hoath, the incredible dance studio looks out onto the weald of Kent and a day entry will give you access to this workshop for £10. Otherwise you could treat yourself to a whole day at the retreat or even the weekend, which includes meals and treatments. Check it out at:

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Previous sacred dances over the years at Oxon Hoath have included dances to the Triple Lunar goddess, the Goddess of Love and Awakening our Wild Goddess

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