Past Workshops

In the last thirteen years my workshops have ranged from 2 hours to two days and have taken place around the country from events such as  Mystic Arts Festivals in London to weekend retreats at Oxon Hoath in Kent and include  Treadwells in London, the  UK Tarot Conference, the Horsebridge Arts Centre. All my workshops include a mixture of discussion, talk, practical exercises and humour! A liberal amount of handouts are also always included and slide shows are optional.

Past Workshops have included the following subjects:

Goddess and Divine Feminine

Crone Magic

Introduction to Wicca

Moon Magic

Sacred Dance

Sacred Theatre; on ‘Tarot: Journey of the Fool’, ‘Eros and Psyche-Connecting with divine love’, ‘Demeter and Kore-the journey within’ and ‘Descent of the Goddess-connecting with our dark self’.

Sea Magic

Tarot for beginners, intermediates and advanced

Wiccan Workshops on festivals; candlemas, spring equinox, may day, summer solstice, lammas, autumn equinox, Halloween and the winter solstice

Belly dancing for beginners

Lectures and Talks

Lectures and talks I have given in the past 13 years around the country include :

The origins and traditions of Halloween

The origins and traditions of Imbolc

The Divine Feminine; including ‘the Goddess as a role model for the young’,  ‘The Goddess of Love’, ‘the Dark Goddess’, ‘the Mother Goddess’ and ‘Reclaiming the Divine Feminine’

Witchcraft: including talks on festivals throughout the year, ‘What is Wicca’,‘Teen witches and the growth of paganism’ and ‘folk traditions of England’