Goddess Workshop CD

The image of the Divine Feminine is returning to our consciousness, connecting us with the soul of humanity, the instinctual place within us all that has been abandoned for too long.

As Einstein said, ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind, a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’

Many are now feeling the ‘call’ or the sensing of a need to restore the balance of our understanding of God and thus to our own selves. The Divine Feminine is awakening us to understanding that we are not separate but can be connected through our vision of the sacredness of life.

In this Goddess Workshop CD you will find meditations, exercises and affirmations to awaken your connection to the Divine Feminine. Through the three phases of the Moon, connecting with the Maiden, Mother and Crone Goddesses to embracing the Goddess of Love , it is my hope that the meditations will inspire you and the exercises will help you assimilate that feeling into an everyday practice that can serve as a beginning to a connection to deepest imaginings of your heart.


‘I started with the Goddess cd and found the information a perfect blend of history and how the Goddess can help us in our life. I enjoyed learning of all you spoke about but I must say I had some kind of connection with Hekate. I loved the meditations and your soothing voice allowed me to go into a trance like relaxed state of mind. Very beneficIal and I learned a lot that normally in wicca books they do not usually go into such detail about the history of the Goddess. The music in the back was really nice and allowed deep thought and mediation. Between the music and your voice I almost felt as if I were above my own body. I really enjoyed The Goddess Workshop.’

Peter, London June 2012