Goddess Correspondence Course


I developed this course to help  bring you the magic and wisdom of the Goddess in some of her many forms. By learning how to honour the divine feminine spirit, we honour the divine in ourselves, which in turn empowers us on every level: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. This is a course that is suited both to beginners and those who have some knowledge of the Goddess but wish to explore Her rituals, or just wish to know where to begin! You do not need to belong to any faith, race or religion – just have an open mind, an ability to be  honest with yourself and a desire to connect with the source of your femininity; its strength, its power and its boundless capacity for love and understanding.

This course  includes information on how to create a shrine to the Goddess, how to create sacred space with Her,  information about ancient Goddesses, their traditions, symbols, correspondences and rites; how to discover which Goddess you identify with most, how to find your patron Goddess and how to work with Goddess energy and encourage her blessings in your life. It  includes prayers, affirmations, exercises, meditations, guided visualisations, shamanic exercises and small rituals to help you connect at an inner spiritual level in an empowering, life affirming way. I am with you throughout the  birthing process of the course to support you, both by email and skype to provide feedback, additional exercises if I think it may help and supportive reading material. Wherever possible, we  meet up for meditation, ritual and exploration – much depends on where you are based and whether you are able to travel.

The course is divided into twelve parts and whilst one module a month is aimed for, the course material is such that students often take longer and it is not uncommon for this course to last two years and on one occasion, three. As it is designed to support your own connection to the Goddess, it takes as long as you take to make that connection and I am nothing, if not patient and trusting in that process.

  1. Discovering the Divine Feminine
  2. The Virgin/Maiden Goddess
  3. The Mother Goddess
  4. The Dark Goddess
  5. The Wheel of the Year: the next eight modules take you through the wheel of the year, its traditions, sacred practices and deities. You begin with the next festival that approaches the time after you finish module 4.

My past students have become friends and colleagues, some of them now running their own supportive Goddess groups in their own communities. I am immensely proud of their work and honoured to have shared such sacred times with them.

A further course to provide training in ceremony and rites of passage is available for students completing the above course.


I am new to Goddess work and was not sure what to expect and beyond the answer I was seeking was in that first session. I am elated to the point of tears. I realise she has been with me my entire life just waiting to be recognised and acknowledged. This has truly been a blessing to find out .. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this great face of the Mother forward. Charlissa

‘I’ve just re-read your last message about our work on this course and have taken stock of how far I’ve come this year and terms of my work with aspects of the Goddess and my own hopes for coaching. thank you Suzanne. I do’nt know where our journeys lead but I know I couldn’t have reached this point without you’ Stephanie

‘This course has really helped me to understand how to start the process of connecting with the Goddess and definitely brought the purpose and delight of ritual alive for me. Thank you for making this such a significant step on my journey. I have always felt a deep affinity with nature and experienced reverence and connection to a universal energy and source but struggled to connect with the Goddess herself. Since the course, I feel free and able to work with different Goddesses, cultures and am able to choose the ones that resonate with me most at different times in my life. It has been so completely empowering. Thank you! ‘ Sarah

Do get in touch with me if you want to know more about the course!