I have been a student of pagan and spiritual traditions for 40 years and my root tradition, which has been my path since I was 19, is the pagan Wiccan path.  Working intensively with my parent group for 25 years, as a priestess of Wicca for my adult life, I have delved into and am deeply appreciative of other mystical traditions of today. I have studied, experienced and learned druid traditions, shamanic techniques, sufi wisdom, healing practices, ancient Egyptian ritual and continue to explore all aspects and origins of the western mystery tradition and its eastern connections.

Discovering a path that is not only fascinating, but constantly changing and revealing, whilst remaining challenging and rewarding is, without doubt, the key to unlock the immense potential that lies inside each and every one of us – we just have to find it within ourselves!

My many workshops on Moon Magic, Wicca, Wheel of the Year, Healing, Crone Magic, Sacred Theatre, Goddess and Sea Magic change and evolve over the years and will be posted on the workshop page.