This section is divided into two as my media work has been from both sides; both promoting spirituality, conscious media, religious tolerance and holistic wellbeing to the press in a variety of ways as well as appearing on television, radio and in articles in newspapers and magazines as well as my own column in two magazines.

If you are looking to see where I have appeared in the media see press archive and media work I have created, please see the section My Media


The media is a strange and yet somewhat attractive beast – we love it and loathe it. We argue about negative media in the newspapers, boring programmes on television, shallow magazines that promote low self image in women and inane chat on the radio.  And yet, there is always something compelling to learn from it all, some story we are fascinated to read all about, some documentary that intrigues us and always, something new to reveal.

As with most things in life, it’s about choice  - if you choose programmes and articles that enrich your mind and uplift your soul, you will enjoy the experience and if you choose media that focuses on the worst of humanity, you soon become disillusioned and often, angry.  It’s true we do need to hear all about the challenges that confront us as well as the successes we accomplish and as a source of entertainment, we need to be amused. Its all about balance and finding the balance is the journey the media is taking right now.  We are, all of us, now actively involved in creating how it will be in the future. We’ve never had more say in what we like and what we consider inappropriate; the internet has opened up a world where we can create our own radios, tv programmes and write our own blogs and choose what we want to see when we want to see it.  Our choices will become the world we and our children live in.