If you don’t already know it, Treadwells is a unique and fascinating bookshop and meeting place. Entering it is like stepping back in time! Apart from selling a wonderful range of books covering all things magical and mystical, you will also find freshly made incenses, candles, wands, herbs, jewellery and all sorts of magical artifacts – a very real Diagon Alley.

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There are also workshops, courses and lectures by knowledgeable and articulate guest speakers and Christina, who owns Treadwells, is a valuable source of information all by herself. And she’s lovely to boot! So if you are in town, do drop into Treadwells and have a browse – it’s encouraged!

This is our confidential room at Treadwells set aside for readings – its cozy, confidential and an oasis of warmth and understanding away from your troubles if only for an hour.

I am honoured to have been one of Treadwells house readers for over four years and will always be grateful for the eclectic range of people that I have read for over the years that has, without doubt, stretched and honed my tarot skills as well as opening my mind to such a wide variety of people; diamond merchants, chambermaids, bankers, artists, hedge funders, musicians, museum curators, actors, politicians, students, barristers, professors, husbands, wives, nurses and a variety of religious faiths; quaker, druid, santero, wiccan, christian, jewish – where else would you be able to read for such an eclectic selection but in a place like Treadwells?  Your stories are all treasured in my heart; stories of love and pain,  ambition and drive, faith and hope, joy and sorrow – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we all share the experience of being human.

king and queen beltane

Beltane Workshop 2015 with the May Queen and our Green Man

My Wheel of the Year Wiccan Workshops at Treadwells have been running now for over 6 years and they offer an introduction for people interested in following a pagan path; an opportunity for solitaries to work in a group environment and a space where people can come and find out more about the spiritual and magical significance of the eight main pagan festivals.

The day usually comprises of an hour’s lecture on the origins and traditions of the festival, a discussion on the themes raised, a meditation and some practical exercises, finishing in a ceremony which everyone will take part in and make their own unique contribution to. Without a doubt, the success of these workshops is down to the enthusiasm and open mindedness of those attending – thank you all for your energy and trust.

Do please check out Treadwells website, their events and lectures and sign up for their newsletter – events get sold out fast. You can also join their facebook page.

Tel: 0207 419 8507