Oxon Hoath Retreat Centre

In this wonderful 14th century stately home in Hadlow, Kent, apart from the functions and weddings that are held throughout the year, Oxon Hoath runs several retreat weekends through the year.

This is an incredible place to relax and unwind, go for walks in their extensive grounds or just read in their extraordinary library.

In addition, their weekend retreats offer a variety of massage treatments, chakra balancing, yoga, meditation and delicious healthy food. Lucky me – I get to read tarot all day in the library next to a roaring fire in IMG_1955 (002) winter and in the midst of their beautiful gardens in summer!

 After their delicious and healthy evening meal, I offer a sacred dance evening there, where you can relax in a different way! Their dance studio is a heaven of a place to run such a  workshop and lit with candles, as the sun sets over their gorgeous gardens, we have danced the Triple Moon Goddess dance, explored our chakras through movement, danced a  Shakti dance and discovered our inner Goddess. Some ladies in the workshops are invigorated, others are healed and yet others find the experience uplifting, fun and relaxing  - either  way, it’s an enchanting evening in a beautiful place.

 My next day at Oxon Hoath is Saturday 28th October 2017  

Have a look online as you can get a day pass as well as a weekend retreat if that suits you better.


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