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This is where I read and teach in London – it’s such a fascinating and intriguing place and I am honoured to read there; it has without doubt expanded my reading skills due to the incredible eclectic mix of clients who come in for a reading; from professors to barristers, actors to chambermaids, foreign students to museum curators, entrepreneurs to authors, priests to priestesses – thank you all!

Oxon Hoath Retreat

A gem of a country house retreat in the heart of Kent. The views here are breathtaking, the retreats extremely popular and for good reason – they are filled with possibilities of massage, yoga, walks in the woods, chakra cleansing, meditation, delicious food and if I’m there, tarot reading and belly dancing – we all enjoy a truly splendid weekend!


I absolutely adore reading tarot in London – there is such an incredible selection of clientele from all walks of life and together with many other london tarot readers – I feel sure we all benefit from such a wide range of human experience.

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