I have always been fascinated by spirituality, philosophy and mysticism. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t. After 25 years studying with the old spiritual tradition of this country, I took some time out to evaluate what I had learnt and what I was putting into practise. I felt an intense need to explore other cultures and traditions and in doing so, discovered there was more that united us than separated us and that our connection to the divine and to our own hearts can be discovered from many ways and paths – all that matters is that you follow it in the most honest way you can.

From this lifetime of experience and exploration, my work now is about helping others to find their heart’s desire, how to tap into your own potential and to help heal and transform the challenges in our lives. It is not what life throws at us that is the real challenge– it is how we deal with it that really matters.

Living an authentic life, with compassion for others, a reverence for life and the divine in all its forms, a love of truth and the endless possibilities of learning and exploring ourselves and the world we live in is my passion.

Have you discovered yours?