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 For us in the northern hemisphere, the nights are drawing in and the earth begins to sink into its winter rest. We use this time to focus on what is important in our lives and to share our love with others.  The enchantment of this time of year though is felt throughout the world and finding our own inner peace within the chaos can make this season magical rather than stressful. For many, this time of the year can be daunting; it confronts us with what is missing in our lives or we relive past issues that the joy everyone else seems to be sharing can only highlight. A Tarot Reading can help you find the clarity to see things realistically, reveal the power and value in your own potential and find a positive way to deal with the challenge facing you.

I am available for Tarot Readings inWhitstable or Rochester in Kent, or  London at Treadwells at 33 Store St and by phone or email. I also read tarot by skype  to anywhere in the world !

 WHEEL OF THE YEAR WORKSHOPSWheel: If you are seeking to travel within and discover a more spiritual side, I  have regular workshops at Treadwells on the pagan festivals  throughout the year where we will be revealing what each festival means to us spiritually and how to apply that in a practical way.

 NEXT WICCAN WORKSHOP: One day workshop on the Winter Solstice in  London on Saturday 13th December 2014 at Treadwells, London. This is an intensive exploration into the ancient traditions surrounding this festival, folklore, magic and modern pagan practice. The day is filled with knowledge,  discussion, creativity, meditation and a ceremony encompassing the main themes of the solstice.


If you would like to learn tarot for yourself,I have plenty of options:  If you want to learn with a group – try my eight week courses in Kent; Too far  away? Try a skype 9 week course complete with emailed information and nine one hour skype sessions; Not much time? Come for a one day intensive to me in Kent and I will  pack as much in as you are able to absorb! Improve your existing skills? Try my one year mentorship which can be tailored to one month/six months or however long you need to learn what you  want.


Whatever path you choose in life, may the darkness bring you truth and growth and the light give you clarity and joy – there is not one without the other.

With blessings

Suzanne Corbie