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 These are changing and challenging times and I have certainly seen many people in my tarot practice who are struggling with uncertainty, identity, understanding and acceptance. I sometimes suggest that in the middle of their worries, they regularly connect with nature; a walk in the park, along the beach, across the fields or through the woods gives themselves time to reconnect with the energy  of life, the changing, yet constant seasons, the sense of natural connection with the world around us and within us and find a moment of inner peace through turmoil. For some, its not so simple, the dilemmas and challenges of life require, in an alchemical fashion, breaking down, separating, transforming and revisioning.

 A tarot reading can be helpful in this process; its symbolic simplicity can reveal the source of our worry and the validity of our dreams. Sometimes all it needs is a fresh perspective!

I am available for Tarot Readings inWhitstable  in Kent, or  London at Treadwells at 33 Store St and by skype, phone or emailwitches and cauldron1489

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If you would like to learn tarot for yourself,I have plenty of options:

The next Foundation course at Treadwells commences Wednesday 6th September 2017

   Too far  away?  Try a skype 9 week online course complete with emailed information and nine one hour skype sessions

   Not much time? Come for a one day intensive to me in Kent and I will  pack as much in as you are able to absorb!

   Improve your existing skills? Try my one year mentorship which can be tailored to one month/six months or however long you need to learn what you  want.


 Whatever path you choose in life, may the darkness bring you truth and growth and the light give you clarity and joy – there is not one without the other.

 With blessings

   Suzanne Corbie